Budova Slovenského rozhlasu
[ˈbudova slovenskeːho rozhlasu] (Slovak Radio Building), completed in 1983. Since it’s been included in a list of the 30 ugliest buildings in the world.
🔻 😀 Next to it there’s the Biatec coin sculpture – Biatec were silver Celtic coins with the name of a Celtic prince (Biatec). The symbol shown on this coin was also on the Slovak 5-crown coins, they were in use between 1993 and 2008, when we switched to Euro. 💰 💶 🇸🇰


Medzinárodný deň detí
[ˈmedzinaːrodniː ɟeɲ ɟeciː] – World Children’s Day
(Literally: International Children’s Day)

medzinárodný [ˈmedzinaːrodniː] – international
národný [ˈnaːrodniː] – national
národ [ˈnaːrod] – nation
deň [ˈɟeɲ] – day
detí [ˈɟeciː] – children’s
deti [ˈɟeci] – children
dieťa [ˈɟieca] – child


zhora zhorí
[ˈzhora zhoriː] – it gets burned from the top (side); it gets burned from above
zhora [ˈzhora] – from above; from top
zdola [ˈzdola] – from below
zhorieť [ˈzhoriec] – to burn; to be burned; to burn away